Dataweb 4000 Hardware

The DataWeb 4000 series brings a flexible new approach to telemetry for remote monitoring and data acquisition by combining advanced communication methods and accurate measurement into a highly affordable powerful  package requiring minimum user configuration. 

The DataWeb unit is DIN-rail mounted unit providing eight digital channels with eight or sixteen analog channels (supporting voltage, current and thermocouple sensors) in a rugged and compact unit. The analog channels can also be individually configured for pulse counting at up to 50 Hz, making DataWeb 4000 ideal for Applications required to monitor utility usage, such as gas, electricity, and water consumption.



Integrated Web Server
Dataweb has an inbuilt web server enabling users to configure the unit either locally or remotely using a standard web browser. Password protection ensures security for configuration and access to the unit.

Inputs, alarms, events loggers and the unique IP address of the module, can all be configured using the appropriate menus resident on the web browser interface.

Once configured, using the web browser, it is possible to view the online data in real time, also to upload the logs in CSV format for analysis in Excel.



Email on Alarm
One of the main features of the Dataweb is the email on alarm. Alarm levels and status can be configured on the remote unit together with 2 email addresses. In the event of an alarm the Dataweb can send out a specific email to the specified email reipients. This can then initiate them to view the data using the web browser and to download the logs resident on the module. These logs incorporate pre and post event/alarm buffering.
Communicating with Dataweb.
Dataweb has one Ethernet connection, which can be used to connect it to the Ethernet port of a PC or alternatively to a hub or router where it can connect to the Internet.


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